The site will unfortunately be discontinued from May 1st. You are no longer able to upload pmml files - however you will be able to access your models until May 1st.

Convert your data mining model to SQL
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Translating the PMML file into a SQL script completes the data mining proces by enabling scoring of your model in any SQL driven database. Consequently it gives you freedom to choose virtually any data mining tool - including free or inexpensive software suites such as Rattle (R models) or KNIME - without compromising model quality or ease of implementation. And finally you can save a lot of money because you are not forced to invest heavily in any of the rather expensive ETL integrated solutions.


As easy as it gets…:

  1. In your data mining software: Export your model to a PMML file
  2. In upload the PMML file and parse it to SQL
  3. Copy SQL code from SQL view
  4. In your ETL/database: paste SQL code in editor
  5. Locate “[table name]” in SQL code and replace with name of your scoring table
  6. Run SQL...

In beta...

The PMML to SQL parser is currently in beta.
New models are continously being added and old ones are being debugged. There are known issues, but apart from these - don't hesitate to make some SQLs and report the rare bug if you find any!

Currently the parser includes models from:

  • IBM/SPSS Clementine/PASW
  • Rattle (R: GLM, rpart, kmeans...)